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The river Chidro  - © - Colori nel Blu (Mar rosso - Egitto) - © -Magic Carneval 2009 - © - The Relict  ofThistlegorm

Island Medas  -- © -Arcipelago of the smile (Phlippines) - © -El Gato Malapasqua


Sapa is an old mountain station built in 1922 in a beautiful valley (1600 m above sea level) near the border with China. The area is spectacular, but get there from Hanoi has never been particularly easy because some bad roads. Other problems that have prevented Sapa to become a resort from glossy magazine were War Worldwide, the guerrilla war against the French, the war with America and  economic crisis that hit Vietnam in the '80s. The old hotels built by the French were left to fall into disrepair and the village was
forgotten by almost everyone. Vietnamese included. Then, Sapa was
suddenly rediscovered. Not only foreign tourists, but also by
Vietnamese citizens and even some Chinese who now cross the border at
Cao Lai. Sapa would be nothing without the Hmong and the Dzao, ethnic groups the largest and most picturesque in the region. They live in almost all conditions extremly poverty.

Lowaii Cebu Marine - Scuba Underwater World (c) 2011

Video recording: GianFranco Artusi, Cut: Brando Selleri

Music authorized by Musik Highland

Color in the Blue - Red Sea - Egypt

a collection of my films and of Brando Selleri
documantating the Allah garden…..(Red Sea )
called so because of the colors underwater and 
the magnificant life underwater 

Riprese: G.F.Artusi e Brando Selleri
Montaggio: Brando Selleri e G.F.Artusi (43' 26")

Music authorized by Musik Highland


Arcipelago del sorriso, Filippine

Archipelago of the smile called so why his people are always smiling and kind. It is an archipelago composed by 7103 islands between big and little uninhabited islands. My research is based on the zone of the ISLANDS VISAIA. Cebu bohol camiguin malapasqua are islands in which externally or being under water you will not be tired  of admiring the beauties landscapes and submerged gardens  … as it is possible to see well in the movie

Video recording: G.F.Artusi 
Cut: Brando Selleri e G.F.Artusi (16 '35")

Music authorized by Musik Highland


"El Gato Malapasqua"

It's a small island close to the islands of  MALAPASQUA 
Offers beautiful views and families of  sharks which lives in the submarines grottos of this island.

Video recording:: G.F.Artusi
Cut: Brando Selleri e G.F.Artusi (8' 41")

Music authorized by Musik Highland

"Il Relitto  del Thistlegorm"

as already in the presentation of the film…It is a ship that before the beginning of the war was used for transport of persons for the route  to america. At the beginning of the second world war conflict it was transformed into a ship supplying the english troops in North Africa. It sunk bombarded of hunker tonnage English at clay. Of the whole crew there was only a victim.

Video recording: G.F.Artusi
Cut: Brando Selleri e G.F.Artusi (5' 26")

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"Isole Medas"

A group of little islands disabitated upside of the estartit in spain - little distance from Barcelona. These islands offer special immersions places with caves passages siphons and quite a lot of submarine life and with great cernie and erns. For the one who does not make it underwater and way of being able to visit many great surrounding countries of which they are still medioevali

Video recording: G.F.Artusi
Cut: Brando Selleri e G.F.Artusi (9' 24")
Music authorized by Musik Highland

Magico Carnevale 2009

In the city 'of San Felice Sul Panaro near Modena, it takes place every year during the carnival a very special event.
It is a carnival but very particular:
with a different theme each year, hundreds of extras, starting from the castle, parade through the streets of the city silently, stopping in different parts of the same city and then returning to the conclusion of the event from where they were games. The event and very impressive and attracts thousands of photographers from all over Italy.

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The Rriver Chidro

We are in the southern part of Italy, in the district of Taranto in Apulia.
In the area of Madurai 5 km west of the salt mine flows the river Chidro,
the most important river of all the coastline of the Apulian. According to the inhabitants of Madurai, the legendary river was born of the tears sheds by
St. Peter in expiation of the guilt in renouncing Christ.
The natural vegetation of this river is typical courses of fresh water luxuriant all along the route. Its importance is certainly recognized by  its  naturalistic cases. This river of 400mt, on one side opens to the sea, and on his other side creates two small lakes. The Chidro is the typical water fed by layers
of water, from the subsoil escapes water that feds the scope of three reservoirs. The clear transparency of this water is unique. (3' 49")

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